Welcome to the Bonnie Montrose Website

Hello everyone and welcome to our website created after bringing our ancestor William F McHardy’s book Bonnie Montrose back to print after 115 years.

My name is Bob McHardy, the author’s great great grandson and I came up with this idea initially as a gift idea for my Dad, Robert McHardy Snr’s 70th Birthday on 21st September 2014.

I was also conscious the original book, that was handed down, and is signed by the author’s grandson William F McHardy, had seen better days – there was a real possibility that the book itself – and it’s stories and history – could be lost.  History is important to us – and my Dad is a man for telling us stories of his time in the beautiful town of Montrose where he would spend every holiday as a boy.

Click here to read the history of William F McHardy

The family home back then was situated at 102, 104, and 106 North Esk Road, a three home plot stretching some distance down Broomfield Road and where Robertson’s Memorial business sits today. Dad also told us of a history going back to the 1800’s and a name that would be special to the family even today, William F McHardy.

As I thought about my plan, I wanted to do this tastefully and obviously tie my brother in and his son both William, as they carry the name on today and into the future.  So as far as I know we are on to the 5th generation of William McHardy, although the author had another son James McHardy (the eldest), so there may be more out there.

I wanted to bring this book to print again, and also created this website with the  hope of reaching other family members – some of whom moved to Dundee many, many years ago. My dad remembers his dad’s cousin also James, coming to visit at North Esk Road in the 1950’s.

I know at some point the author’s son William McHardy moved to Springburn, as did his son William, Margaret and my dad, although the dates are sketchy. There was a strong railway connection as Springburn back then was a hive of rail works at Hyde Park, Cowlairs and the famous Caley on Springburn Road. At some point my great grandad moved back to North Esk Road.

In bringing back this book, and a little slice of history, I wanted to also help some charities which are close to our hearts. All profits are being shared by British Heart Foundation, Diabetes U.K. Cancer Research U.K. through Tesco’s Charity Partnership. My family has a link, working as part of the Tesco family, and they have supported this project by stocking the book in the local stores. For a full list of Stockists, click on our Buy the Book link at the top of the page

I hope you enjoy the book and the website which also includes a trip down memory lane with a gallery of old photographs – sadly some of our history was lost when our family home was damaged by a flood in 2007. We will continue to update this site and welcome any stories that tie in with ours and the McHardy history in Montrose and Springburn back then. These may be included as a feature or within the Testimonial pages.

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing please if you can, come and visit this beautiful seaside town that is still loved by my family today, support the book and spread the story to everyone linked to the town of Montrose…….

Kindest Regards Bob

Our TV advert is made and going to air from Wednesday 17th March 2021. We have produced a great ad with STV & Fraser Purdie, and hope the people get behind our book and we can return a boost to All 3 charities.