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A wee written piece by Jist a loon fae Aiberdeen……. 

O’ days. 

O days tae ponder sae upon

yet in the past as e’er belong,

Far tae wander, as sae tae be

o days, o days I’ll ne’er see again 


O days I stood wae others too

as kin an brother as each o you,

We sae faced the volley an cannons touch

o days, o days we will ne’er see again 


O days tae fight an tae bleed

as sae the sight as nae tae heed,

The rank an file o coats sae blood red

O days, o days ne’er tae see again


O days, o days as on they came

thrust the bayonet deep, twas their shame,

Yet an though twas not our blame

O days, o days we ne’er will see again 


O days, o days scattered as tae them it mattered nought

Wae blood an life, tae gi’e yet we sae fought,

As o’er the ocean or lain deep, lord the tears we’d often weep

an o days, o days as we stood but true hielan men 


Whaur o days now gone afore

Did ye, did ye hear the cries cast far o’er a distant shore?

Tae feel oor pain as the land stood still, ne’er tae wander

through Glen or oor story tae tell


What o oor days, oor days we must ne’er, ne’er forget

as o days, o days for our future we, must stand an fight

for all, all o oor days, oor days. 


© David McIntosh Wilkie.

Another cracking piece….. 



Life his fair seen me o it tae bow doon

an strife it his wounded the hairt o this loon,

An life it his taught me, tae gaun far an be strong

Wi the miles I took, as I’d gaun along 


Life is fit it is o that I’m is sure

wae irks o this n that, yet fit is the cure,

life an the longing to be fa I am

o wurds jist a man, jist a man 


Life fits the answer ti questions it dis perplex

n lessons I learned I’ll niver forget,

Life gings on, n I cannae turn back in time 

ti pit right fit iver bit och life it is mine 


Life? Fits the secret ti jist gettin by

is wi keep gaun on, oh aye, oh aye,

Life live it ti the fullest, aye on oor airse tae fa doon,

yet I got up an I’ll keep on going is aifter a said n done

I’m Jist an Aiberdeen Loon


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